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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Newsflash -- Design Your Own Personalised Fendi Baguette

In conjunction with Fendi's 10th Anniversary for the iconic Baguette bag, this fashion house has come up with a white coated canvas Bagutte that you can design yourself! The initial intention of this DIY Baguette was the competition that Fendi held, that was open to everyone in the Asia Pacific Region and Celebrity designed Baguettes. The winning designs will then be auctioned along with the Celebrity bags.

Due to overwhelming response, it's also now available in stores. So, if you've always wanted your own personalised Baguette, here's your chance! It comes with 10 Pantone Universe markers for you to decorate your bag with, and paint whatever you desire on your very own personalised Baguette. What's more, the interior twist-lock closures on the bag allow the buckles (that are used to attach the shoulder strap) to be remove, so you can also use it as a clutch! This 'Paint-Your-Own Baguette' bag comes in a beautifully packaged Fendi box and is available for $1300 via eLuxury

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