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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

New Louis Vuitton Tahitienne Bag

LV Tahitienne in Green and Teal Monogram

LV Tahitienne in Beige and Taupe Monogram

LV Tahitienne in Pink and Grey Monogram

LV Tahitienne in Lilac and Lavender Monogram

Inspired by the cover of a catalogue in 1924, this new 'Tahitienne' Range comes in 3 sizes, Small, Medium and Large. This day bag is convertible in shape, thanks to the hook closure. Seen above is how it looks when 'hooked' up. If you want to do without the hooked look, just snap the hook open and you have a rectangular boat-shaped sort of look. Similar to the stain-treated canvas used on Louis Vuitton's 'Antigua' range of bags, this 'painted' oversized monogrammed look gives the bag an artsy feel to it. I've personally seen the bag and felt its texture, and let's just say the pictures above don't do the bag justice -- it's much prettier when you actually tote it on your shoulder! Available in 4 colours (as shown above) - Green with Teal, Lilac with Lavender, Pink with Grey and Beige with Taupe; the small retails for $1,040 (or RM3900), the Large for $1200 (or RM4000++). As for the medium size, I'm not sure of the price. Bagaholic Babe loves the one in Pink, much sweeter! But if you really want a colour that stands out, then the one in Lilac is sure to do that. Beige is more understated whilst the Green is well, erm.. let's just say it's not Bagaholic Babe's cuppa tea.

2 Fetishes Unleashed!:

Anonymous said...

Hi, I thought i saw someone carrying this same bag in blue.. and i liked it. Do they have the blue one here in kl, or is it only overseas?

Bagaholic Babe said...

Hello Anon,
yes, they have all the colours here in KL as well.