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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Versace F/W '08

One of the best collection for Fall/Winter 2008, Versace has topped it off again with a stunning bag collection. The 11 dresses paraded at the recent Academy Awards has kept everyone on the look out for Donatella and what she might come up with next.

The new bag collection is definitely to die for. I'm guessing it must've left its audiences in awe and excited about placing these new beauties in their stores. This incoming collection is colorful, classy yet trendy.

The collection is brought together with gold hardware paired with either leather, fur or fabric. The 'in' colors include sweet pink, blue, black, red and the vibrant signature Versace colors - purple and yellow. What's more.. some of the bags have well-matched leather woven into the chain strap handles.. Take a look!

Saw anything you like?

Simply gorgeous! Definitely a more fun collection if compared to the other brand names. Looks like gold hardware is still very popular among the designers, although, I must say, I didn't quite notice their signature medusa on any of the bags. Must've taken it off to accomodate its buyers' no-logo, no-monogram taste. Simply loving the sweet pink fur and croc shoulder bag that doubles as a clutch too. How awesome!

For a review on the Versace Fall/Winter 2008 collection (courtesy of, click here

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