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Friday, March 28, 2008

Prada F/W '08

This season, Miuccia Prada has got the entire Switzerland working on couture lace. This handmade fabric has taken over almost the entire Fall/Winter 2008 collection simply because Miuccia wanted "something simple", she says.. although I think it's FAR from simple. She continued by saying "the surface is important. I wanted to do minimal, something that was feminine and strong - but in the end, not so sexy."

The collection resembles the early nineties Prada and I'm sure must've been a hit among their clients. You'll also notice that the bags have been implanted with strange upstanding frills. They appear throughout the entire collection on the lace pieces as well as the leather ones. Take a look..

BagObsessed is particularly liking the last leather shoulder bag that comes with a plastic chain strap as it's not only slick but also easy to match with although it would look better without the (bat wing) frills. The lace looks pretty in champagne color although I must say it's really delicate and will be difficult to maintain. The frills are definitely over the top and looks especially ugly on the totes.

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