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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Louis Vuitton F/W '08

So quickly has the year come and gone and here we are again posting about something from the Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter collection. I must say.. I'm terrible disappointed in their collection this time round (as with the past year). I've been searching page after page of detailed shots to give you the best pieces from the collection but am sad to say, there were none.

Nevertheless, I'll show you a few shots so you'll understand why I'm so disappointed.

A metallic piece in an unknown shape that I honestly think looks cheap.

This one looks sooo wrong!!!

And this one.. I've got no words for this.

See what I mean, people? Although so, I must say I've been wrong about this before. There are some pieces which CAN look pretty when you see the real thing. So, head on to the boutiques to take a look at them before you decide.

Oh.. I forgot to add.. there are two pieces which are less weird looking but I wouldn't pay that price even if it WAS a Louis Vuitton. Take a look at it for yourselves..

These aren't the only ones on the collection. If you'd like to see more, click here

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