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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

NY Fashion Week Coverage:'s Best Accesories Picks for Fall/Winter 2008

Presenting:'s Best Accessories Picks from New York Fashion Week

The Croc Wrap Handbag by Diane von Furstenberg

The Verdict: Diane von Furstenberg, a designer who has become famous from her ever-popular fashion forward wrap dresses (mostly bright, colourful prints and funky-looking) has unveiled what is known as the 'Wrap' Handbag in Crocodile skins. What can we say, 'wraps' are just her area of expertise! Lol. Bagaholic Babe rather likes this wrap ultra-luxe croc bag in burnt orange.

Embellished Pouch by Donna Karan

The Verdict: This suede pouch comes totally embellished and encrusted in oversized rhinestones that well, er, look like rusty bells or those coin charms you get on charm bracelets from afar, don't you think? I mean, I could hardly tell that it was rhinestones. Bagaholic Babe isn't too much of a fan for this bag. To me, I think that it has a rather Indian influence and vibe, with those 'bell-looking' oversized rhinestones that remind me of those bells that Classical Indian dancers adorn on their ankles.

Double Ring Bag by Marc Jacobs

The Verdict: This Double Ring bag by Marc Jacobs reminds me of the 'Lindy' Bag by Hermes from last Fall/Winter. I guess it's just the whole concept on which the bag is based on - from the double rings to the supple 'folded-in-the-centre' look. Although Bagaholic Babe doesn't really like bags which are to structured, this one isn't my cuppa tea at all.

The City/Country Bag by Ralph Lauren

The Verdict: Well, Ralph Lauren, whose brand philosophy is premised on the whole 'sporting arena', is true to it's sporting style with this luxed-up version of a plaid 'hunting bag' with croc flap. Bagaholic Babe loves the way the crimson stands out against the black top flap. Very eye-catching indeed, however bags like these aren't really my style. But it's a nice bag though.

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