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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Everything PINK.... Well, Almost!

You might have already guessed what my post'll consist of today. Since we're just a day away from Valentine's Day and for those of you who haven't got your girlfriends anything (which you had better not do), well.. here are a few gift ideas that I hope might help you out!

First up we've got the Juicy Couture 'Couture Diary' that comes in PINK and also available gold leather with the Juicy embossed crest and a "Confessions of a Couture Girl" print on front. Ultra cool!

Juicy Couture 'Couture Diary' $95.00

Next up is a PINK MP3 Leather Travel Case that magnetically attasches to your MP3 on the sides. It comes with speakers and an audio jack for connecting to the MP3 player. How wonderful!
MP3 Travel Case Sale $59.90

Another recommendation is another item from Juicy - the Couture The World Travel Journal. What a better way than to put it down on paper the travels you've made (maybe with your beau). The journal comes in PINK and the words printed in brown says "Couture the World" and "Secrets of a Juicy Girl's Journeys".

Juicy Couture 'Couture The World' Travel Journal $55.00

And last but not least.. I know, you're gonna say this isn't PINK but it is just too pretty to leave out. A silver plated game set, the Shoe and Handbag Tic-Tac-Toe Set comes with rhinestone accents. A very appropriate gift, it sits extremely well as a display item on the coffee table of the Ultimate Shopaholic's home. See for yourself what I mean..

Shoe & Handbag Tic-Tac-Toe Set $65.00

I'm quite sure you've got an idea now what girls like - shopaholic especially. So go out and get it for your girl! Happy Valentine's Day!

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