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Thursday, March 6, 2008

NY Fashion Week Coverage: Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2008

Presenting: Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter Collection 2008

This Fall/Winter, the Marc by MJ Collection seems to be inspired by the Eighties and the Punk-Rock vibe. This season, we see very bold colours and an array of bags which are functionalist in terms of its design. This Fall/Winter, the Marc by Marc Jacobs handbag collection was also influenced by graffiti, as we see plenty of that this season.

Oversized bags also seems to be the trend for MJ this season, thus displaying the functionalist approach to design. Multi-pockets also seem to be a key theme that runs through the bags. We still see clutches on the runway this season, however, they have dramatically reduced in size compared to the oversized clutches that we saw this Spring/Summer 2008. In this collection, Marc Jacobs also seems to be using the houndstooth design not only on his handbags but also in his Ready-to-Wear collection. Details are kept at minimal this season, apart from the bow clutch above with netted tulle details.

The Verdict: Bagaholic Babe likes bold colours, but isn't really a fan of the graffiti sort. IMHO, graffiti bags make the bag look well, sorry to say, el cheapo. Perhaps the only graffiti sort of bag that I liked was the Louis Vuitton Graffiti collection. Graffiti aside, perhaps the only bag that Bagaholic Babe sorta likes in this collection is the green hobo bag above. Apart from that, multi pockets aren't really Bagaholic Babe's cuppa tea.

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