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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Louis Vuitton Valentine's Day Specials

Tell your loved one how much they mean to you with this Limited Special Edition Valentine's Day purse by Louis Vuitton. It comes with a clasp that you can hook onto the D-ring attached to the interior of your bag. Plus, it's very rare that Louis Vuitton products come with charms because oftentimes, you actually have to purchase the charms as an add-on, but this time around, the cute little heart-shaped purse comes with charms! The charms that adorn it are LV's signature monogram charms (LV's logo charm and the flowers you see on LV monogrammed bags).

I know this heart purse was around last year as well, but this time around, it comes in all new shades, besides Red (which was launched last year for a limited period of time). The heart purses come in Miroir (metallic gold and silver) and in shades of Plum, Pink, Black, White and Red from the Monogram Vernis (that's the glazed looking LV monogram collection). It retails for 220 Euros and is currently available at your nearest Louis Vuitton store. Even if not for Valentine's Day, it'd be great for those of you who celebrate the upcoming festive season - Chinese New Year (which is tomorrow!!)!! ;) *wink* Now there's a thought eh? *angelic smile*

For those of you in Malaysia, I'm not really sure which colours they have available here. Perhaps you could give LV a call to enquire: Louis Vuitton StarHill - 03-21418790

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