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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Juicy Couture Valentine's Gifts

For those of you who are on a tighter budget or if you don't wanna get something as pricey as yesterday's Louis Vuitton heart purse, here's 2 items which are similar, both from Juicy Couture.

First up, is the Heart Crossbody Bag.

Similar in style and look to the LV Heart purse featured yesterday - its monogram is embossed onto the bag, and has that 'glossy' look. This Heart Crossbody Bag by Juicy Couture comes with tan-coloured crossbody strap with clips, so it converts into a clutch once the strap is removed. Get this sweet pastel pink bag for just $75 - just a fraction of the price compared to yesterday's LV Heart purse. Available via Neiman Marcus

Next up, also by Juicy Couture, is the Heart Jewellery Box.

Also similar to the item above, it also has logo embossed monogram and a hanging pearl logo charm at the zipper. Enclosed is the 'I am the fairest' mirror, four compartments and one ring holder. Again, it's similar to the LV Heart purse featured on our blog yesterday. Retails for just $55 via Neiman Marcus

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