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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Limited Edition Valentine's Day Clutch

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, we at Bagfetish Unleashed have spent countless hours scouring the net to find a bag with a Valentines theme. Finally, we've found the perfect Limited Edition Valentine's Day Clutch by Kotur Ltd.

Called the 'Velvet D'Abo' clutch, This hard cased box-styled clutch is blood red (how much more symbolic can it be, to comemorate this Special occasion), and embellished with a delicate satin rose and a red Swarovski crystal clasp with a removable gold chain strap. Specially designed for Valentine's Day, it's definitely something you can give your loved one.. Think of it as a rose that lasts forever. Lol...Sorry a little bit corny there =P

What's more, this Limited Edition Valentine's Day 'Velvet D'Abo' clutch by Kotur Ltd will be delivered on Valentine's day and you may include a special personal message to your loved one. Girls, if you want this clutch, start hinting to your beloved quick, as an order needs to be placed max 2-3 days before delivery date (which is on V Day of course). Order this Limited Edition Valentine's Day Clutch for just $365 via Kotur Ltd

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