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Thursday, January 10, 2008

YSL Satin Miniaudiere

I've never really seen a YSL Evening Clutch I've really liked - either they bear that bold YSL logo, or it's just not to my taste. However, Bagaholic Babe thinks that this one sets itself apart from most of the YSL clutches that we seem to see. This box frame Satin Miniaudiere is less 'serious' looking. In fact, true to signature YSL style and character, it's simple and chic, but it stands out from the other YSL Evening bags in terms of its playfulness.

Designed to resemble an envelope, it bears YSL's address print detail in gold on the front, complete with a postal stamp detail. In fact, minus the stamped part and that resembling an envelope, this satin miniaudiere actually reminded me of Louis Vuitton's Antigua Collection, where the LV address was first introduced on a plaque that adorns the bags. Having said that, I still think that this YSL Miniaudiere has more character =). I love this. Ooh, plus there's the added bling factor with the rhinestone twist lock closure. Get this for $1,395 from Saks .

If you're not a Black person, this bag also comes in Red. However, Bagaholic Babe was never too much of a red fan, and it's in bright red, and looks too Film Noir Femme Fatale like for my liking..

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