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Sunday, December 9, 2007

YSL Animal Print Shopper

Coincidentally, this week's bags on our Bagfetish blog seems to be an Animal Print filled one. Lol. Well, this means that firstly, Animal Prints are still very much in fashion right now, and secondly, that both BagObsessed Babe and yours truly (Bagaholic Babe) is evidently a fan of Animal Prints, innit? Lol ;)

Anyway, today's post features the new 'Palma' Shopper by YSL.

I was wondering what it was that makes this bag so bold and striking, and I finally understood why. I don't know if you, my fellow BagAddicts noticed, but usually Animal Print bags are usually just well, in Animal Prints with just some leather trims and bits to accent the bag. This particular YSL 'Palma' Shopper (Large), however, is not a completely covered Animal Print sort. In fact, the amount of leather used is almost proportionate to the Leopard print part. As such, the leather somehow acts as a backdrop to the leopard print and balances out the whole bag, making it even more striking than your usual and more common Animal Print bag. If you like this bag as much as Bagaholic Babe does, it's not available in stores yet, but you can Pre-Order it for $1,695 via Bergdorf Goodman

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