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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Presenting: LV Cruise Collection '08 - Mini Lin Croisette

Presenting to you the LV Cruise Collection for 2008... the Monogram Mini Lin Croisette.

Monogram Mini Lin Croisette - Marina PM $1,200

Monogram Mini Lin Croisette - Marina GM $1,500

Monogram Mini Lin Croisette - Speedy $750

This coming season features three designs from the collection - the Marina PM, Marina GM and the Speedy. Made from the signature Mini Lin Croisette canvas - its stripes pays homage to the traditional trunks of the House - initially decorated with striped canvas. Take your pick - they come in blue and red stripes and are extremely chic. The Marina PM, for one, looks really great in blue stripes. It's spacious yet fashionable. I strongly recommend this one.

To find out more about the Louis Vuitton Cruise Collection '08, click here

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