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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Presenting Fashion Week: Marni S/S '08

On Marni this coming season is a shift in color - from the more natural forest-y, watery greens to a mix of bright colors such as purple and the more woody, earth-y tones like grays, browns and mustard and sometimes even a short blast of flourescent orange somewhere in the middle.

Their bag collection in Spring 2008 will complement the garments. Most of 'em if not all are of solid natural tones.. still maintaining the current favorite patent leather. Overall, I must say.. A lot of leather - patent and buttery soft leather, framed bags, foldover snap closure bags. See for yourself what I'm talking about..

And now, for the verdict:

Overall, a beautiful collection if compared to so many others I've seen. I particularly love the foldover framed totes. What about you? Share with us your thoughts and comments on the collection by clicking the button below.

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