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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Billy Bag: Bridget - For All Your Organising Needs

Billy Bag 'Bridget'

If you're looking for a bag that'll keep you organised, this is it. The bag has so many different zippers around the bag, you can't say everything's a mess. However, with that amount of zippers, you'd better know where you're keeping your mobile because when it starts to ring, don't be surprised to find yourself unzipping almost every compartment there is to locate your ringing phone. And it doesn't help if you're trying to search for it within a time frame - just before the ringing stops! For heavy unzipping such as this, I suggest ultra durable zippers, lol.

Bridget, as it is called, is a large bowling bag with chunky hardware designed by Billy Bag founders Neal and Charlotte Gershinson - both with many years in high fashion. With blind embossed logo branding and zip details, this makes it the iconic shape this Winter. Available in stores like Selfridges Co., House of Fraser and John Lewis in the UK, the bag retails at £245 each. It is also made available for purchase at Le Bon Marche in Paris, David Jones in Australia and H Chunho in Korea.

There are also matching long purses and coin purses available from the same range for purchase. Visit Billy Bag today to find out more.

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