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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Presenting: Fashion Week: Chloe S/S '08

Presenting: Paris Fashion Week: Chloe Spring/Summer Collection 2008

Oohh, a very different sort of collection from the usual Chloe look - less bulky, less structured, and much smaller in comparison to Chloe bags (Paddington, Edith, Bay) of seasons past. Bagaholic Babe has always been a fan of Chloe bags (with the exception of the 'Silverado' and the 'Edith'), but this collection totally blew me away! Instead of that signature, rugged, urban look that Chloe bags usually exude, this collection is totally feminine and sweet!! This season also sees a lot of bright shades as well as the use of Exotic skins (Croc). The designer really broke the Chloe mould for sure!

The Verdict: Bagaholic Babe is absolutely loving this collection! One thing's for sure, I can't wait for Spring/Summer 2008!! I just love the new and unique shapes of the first 2 bags, sorta like a folded napkin. Besides that, I love the sweet pastel shades - shades that you never expected to complement each other, but yet they totally worked! My favourites are the last 2 bags.

(Images from Style)

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