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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Presenting: Chanel's New Ankle Bag, Hot off the Runway!!

Hot off the runway, is this new fad, the Ankle Bag! Seen on Chanel's the Spring/Summer 2008 runway at Fashion Week recently, this ankle bag is a novelty indeed! I've never seen any designer do an ankle bag before. The trend is quickly spreading like wildfire in the Celebrity circuit. Rumour has it that ankle bags was a trend fueled by celebs on House Arrest, who used this sort of ankle bag to hide their House Arrest detector thing-a-ma-jig. Very clever indeed, don't you think?

However, Bagaholic Babe isn't a fan of it though.
Do you think that this trend will catch on? Tell us what YOU think!!

1 Fetishes Unleashed!:

hoganfe said...

That sure is original!