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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Haute New Designer: Shauna Luther - SML Bags

One of the many rewards of reading Bagfetish Unleashed! is that we at Bagfetish Unleashed (unlike other Bag Blogs), instead of just writing about the 'It Brands' and bringing you bags hot off the runways, we're constantly on the lookout to for the more obscure or new designers and their collections to introduce to our loyal readers. Today is such an occassion. Last week we featured Freddy & Ma. This week, Meet Haute New Designer, Shauna Luther, designer of SML Bags, based in Brooklyn, NY. All her bags are made by Shauna's own hand!

Though her bags come in different styles, they all have that distinctive, trademark Saddle-shaped foldover top. Also, all Shauna Luther's bags are Bespoke (read: personalised and made-to-order), yup, so like designers Freddy & Ma that we featured a couple of weeks ago, just choose your fabrics, leather and even floral appliqués if you want, and you have a bag that's distinctively and uniquely yours!

First up, the 'Goldie'


Made of leather, this Plum-coloured 'Goldie' is $120

The 'Vivian' - $125

The 'Stella' is an elongated fabric or denim clutch with an asymmetrical flap. $110

The'Audrey' Wristlet - Choose between a fabric or chain wrist strap, made out of either leather or denim, with any choice of appliqué on the front. Perfect for a night out, this wristlet is just $80!

With gems like these, Shauna Luther is definitely a designer to watch out for! Bagaholic Babe Loves the Goldie in Plum Leather and the Vivian - Love the mustard hue!

To view the entire collection of Clutches, Shoulder bags and small goods, Click Here Now!

All images from SML

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