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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Chanel Luggage Tags

Who says Winter has to be dreary and dull?

As we've seen during Chanel's Fall/Winter '07 Preview at their Fashion Week showing, this F/W season, Chanel has opted for bright colours such as Fuschia, Turquoise, and Lime Green (for their Classic 2.55 bags in satin) instead of the brand's usual signature and more sombre F/W hues such as Blacks, Browns, Beiges and Tweed. Love the injection of not just any type of colour, but flourescent and almost psychedelic colours! .

Since we've already seen that as brought to you, our loyal readers, during our Fashion Week Extravaganza a few months back, we now bring you Chanel Luggage Tags in leather. Love the bow details on the luggage tags, don't you? *winks*

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