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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Valentino Lacca Bow Shopper

Yay! I can finally get my hands on this Valentino beauty, the Lacca Bow Shopper. I've been waiting in anticipation for its release, wondering where and when I can get my hands on one ever since named this Patent Valentino Shopper as one of their Hottest Bag Picks for Fall/Winter '07 . I guess to some, this shopper is nothing out of the ordinary, but personally, I just love, love, LOVE the bow detail on the side of the bag! I normally don't go for black bags, as I find them too blah and boring, so I usually opt for 'coloured' bags instead. I mean, hey, I'm one of those people out there who has to coordinate the colour of my bag to my outfit. But this bag is an exception! With the bow, it's smokin' and just so ME! Get this for $1,195 via Saks .

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