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Monday, July 2, 2007

Splurge(s) of the Week!

Instead of just one bag, for the first time ever, this week's Splurge of the Week will feature two bags! Why's this week special, you might ask. Simple reason, really...I love both these bags so much that I couldn't make up my mind or bring myself to choose between these 2 Judith Leiber Miniaudieres!

"Dora" Miniaudiere - $4495

"Spring Fling Bird" Miniaudiere - $3695

Although both are embellished with crystals in different shades of blue, these two miniaudieres are so different in terms of character! The "Spring Fling Bird" is more feminine, classy, sweet and somewhat understated, much like the Mandarin Duck miniaudiere that Mr. Big gave Carrie in Sex and the City. The "Dora", on the other hand, is more suited to someone with a quirky, funky, fun and playful personality. The Spring Fling Bird retails for $3695, and the Dora retails for $4495. Both come with a detachable chain strap, but for a fun-filled night of dancing, strap the chain on and start dancing the night away! Get your credit cards out and be ready for splurging! Go to Judith Leiber now to purchase or to view the collection.

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