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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

New Addition to the YSL Bag Family

The Uptown Bag (Small) is yet another addition to the YSL Bag Family. Made of patent leather with metal frame and gold tone hardware details and lined in luscious satin, it also has the turnlock closure on its predecessor, the 'Muse' (which has reached its 'It' Bag status that boasts a cult following, especially in the celebrity circuit). However, Bagaholic Babe prefers the Rive Gauche Bag to this Uptown Bag and even to the Muse. Imho, the Muse and this Uptown Bag looks as if it's for a slightly more mature age group. But then again, some friends of mine prefer mature-looking bags. Ah well *shrugs*. If this is your cuppa' tea, it's available for $1,895.00 via Saks

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