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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Presenting: New Collections -- Louis Vuitton's 'Olympe' Collection

Presenting: Louis Vuitton's 'Monogram Olympe' Collection from Spring/Summer 2007

Well, well well...This is perhaps the best collection (together with the Monogram Polka Dots Panema) out of Vuitton's whole Spring/Summer Collections for this year. This 'Monogram Olympe' Collection consists of 3 bags - the Cirrus, the Stratus and the Nimbus. This 'Olympe' Collection was inspired by Greek Mythology and Mount Olympus (hence 'Olympe' Collection). Made of lamb leather, Louis Vuitton's signature monogram logo print is embroidered (utilising elastic thread) onto the leather to create the smoky, fleecy effect and to give it a buffed washed look and feel.

Monogram Olympe - 'Cirrus', $1800 Euros

Monogram Olympe - Nimbus, $1700 Euros

Monogram Olympe - Stratus GM, $2,200 Euros

Monogram Olympe - Detail Closeup

Bagaholic Babe's fave pick is the Stratus GM. The gold hardware on the ecru coloured leather gives the bags in this 'Monogram Olympe' Collection a chic, classy and timeless look.

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