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Friday, May 18, 2007

Luxury Laptop Bags by Violet May

I couldn't believe my eyes when I came across these luxury laptop bags. *Gasps* I was utterly awestruck, and seduced by its beauty! It's the prettiest and most feminine looking laptop bag I have ever laid eyes on! It's so pretty and so luxe that it doesn't even remotely resemble a laptop bag, but a piece of art..I was dumfounded. I mean, hey, This 'Lloyd' Laptop bag even comes with a matching detachable Italian Leather clutch!!

You absolutely have to look at it to understand the reason for my gushing over this particular laptop bag by Violet May London...

Standard Strap

Interior View - Fuschia Lined Silk Interior

Petite Strap

Clutch Bag

Available in 3 colour combinations: Storm/Black Rose, Peppermint/White/Rose (shown) and Peacock/Violet/Black, choose between 2 strap lengths - Standard and Petite (see pics above). The beautiful silk pleated strap gives the bag a super-luxe look and disguises the fact that it's actually a laptop bag. This is a perfect example of Fashion and Function all-in-one!

Get this for £375.00 / €555.00* / $695.63 via Violet May London . They ship worldwide. Alternatively, it's also available in Harvey Nichols London. All Violet May products are handcrafted in Spain.

Violet May also makes a collection of Bespoke (custom-made) laptop bags and gifts. For more info on the Bespoke collection, and for more designs, styles and colours, go to Violet May Official Site

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