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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bargain of the Week!

If you BagAddicts out there like quirky, cute, playful and fun prints (think along the lines of Lulu Guinness) on your bags or accessories, then this week's Bargain of the Week is definitely your cuppa' tea! I was instantly drawn to these cutesy coin purses by Fluff Designs. Well, I know that to some of you, with prints like cupcakes, shoes and doggies, it may perhaps seems a wee bit dare I say...juvenile BUT I mean, hey, we must all embrace the inner child within us, don't you think?.. for life will get too serious and dreary if we don't (Imho) hehe ;) *winks. So add some fun to the contents of your bag with these cutesy and girlie coin purses with granny purse kiss lock closures for just £6 each!! Definitely a steal! Available via Asos