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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Limited Edition -- Lulu Guinness Hummingbird 'Penny'

Here's a bag that totally defines and personifies the Spring/Summer season!

This Hummingbird Collection from Lulu Guinness's Spring/Summer 2007 Mainline Collection is a result of a designer collaboration with British Artist, Carol Lake. Carol Lake is an artist and designer whose inspiration comes from her love of nature. Her signature style is of beautifully hand-painted, realistic flowers and imagery. This Hummingbird Print is a Limited Edition Collectors' Item!

This small 'Penny' Bag comes in White and in Black. Opt for White for that Classic Spring/Summer feel which is Ultra Fresh and Ultra Feminine! Perfect for the girly girl in you! The White is lined in Lulu's signature striped lining, with a side zip pocket and a mobile phone holder on the inside.

Lulu Guinness Hummingbird Print Small 'Penny' in White

Lulu Guinness Hummingbird Print Small 'Penny' in Black

The Black, on the other hand, is a slightly more 'luxe-d up' version of the White 'Penny'. Instead of a striped liining, the Black version is lined in fuschia satin that just teases you with a hint of pink, peeking out at you from the side (see pic above). More suited to the Glamour Girl, this Black 'Penny' is perhaps the key piece for a date or a casual evening out about town. But fret not, what this little beauty lacks in size, she makes up for in style!

Both the Black and the White retails for £160.00 via Lulu Guinness Online. Be warned though, there is a waiting list for the Black one! To view the Hummingbird Collection in other styles, fly over to Lulu Hurry, because every piece from the sought after Hummingbird Print Collection is a Limited Edition Collectors' Item! And for all you Malaysians out there, it's available at Isetan, KLCC for RM1000+

Click here to see more work by artist, Carol Lake

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