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Friday, March 23, 2007

Jane August Exotic Skin Bags

(Source: Designer Profile from Jane

Today, Jane August is steadily emerging as a important new voice in the luxury handbag market, hailed for her original twists on classic looks by The New York Times.

A former international fashion merchant and now New York Designer, Jane August takes inspiration for her handbags from her personal experiences and memories: her collection of vintage fashion magazines; classic “finds” in European flea markets; and cherished 50s era photos of her mother dressed for elegant dinner parties. The unmistakable signature of Jane’s collection is the modern sensibility she adds to these classic inspirations by playing with proportion, hardware and material. A contemporary chain handle has the opulent design and polish of a 40’s era link bracelet; a stylishly shaped evening bag is reminiscent of a vintage coin purse. And Jane’s signature, oversized Kings Road bag, inspired by a long-ago purchase at that London market, keeps turning heads in of-the-moment metallic and crackle leathers.

Jane August 'Ponte' Bag in Metallic Python Skin

Jane August '57th Street' Bag in Python

Love these bags? Well, there's more! Just hop on over to Jane August to view the complete Spring/Summer 2007 and Fall/Winter 2007 Collections! Or, if you want to get your hands on the fabulous 'Ponte' Bag (first pic), it's available for $2650 via Lux Couture

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