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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Goldenbleu 'Luella' Frame Pocket Tote

Bagaholic Babe is usually a fan of White bags with gold hardware, but this time around, I favour the Black! For those of you know me well enough will know that I've never favoured black bags and don't have a single Black bag in my closet. But alas, the winds of change have blown my way, but I have a feeling that it's an isolated situation though.

Goldenbleu 'Luella' Frame pocket Tote in Black

Goldenbleu 'Luella' Frame Pocket Tote in White

Made of supple leather, The 'Luella' Frame Pocket Tote by Goldenbleu has a framed pocket with a kisslock closure. Lined in soft suede, the interior holds a side pocket and cellphone pocket a key clip and a pen holder. A nice looking back that's functional, Its the perfect bag to tote to the office, and straight to after-work drinks with your colleagues! Get this Goldenbleu 'Luella' Frame Pocket Tote for $590 via Nordstrom

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