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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Exotic Prada Frame Bag

Prada Python Frame Bag

This is one of the few Prada bags I approve of. In the past, there's been many weird stuff that has big Prada logos on the front of top of the usual ones that are made of nylon.. But this is different. It's VERY different. Firstly, it's a frame bag. It's made of python leather and it comes with braided handles, a detachable ID tag and opens up with a magnetic snap.

Very chic and a definite sellable item. Saks Fifth Avenue allows purchase of no more than three units per customer every thirty days. That really says something about the bag.

To find out more, visit Saks Fifth Avenue today. The Prada Python Frame Bag is priced at $2,620.00 each.

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