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Monday, February 19, 2007

Vivienne Westwood Bettina Satchel

Vivienne Westwood Bettina Satchel in Beige/Gold

This is the new Vivienne Westwood 'Bettina' Satchel in Beige/Gold from the Spring-Summer 2007 Collection. Made of cotton and canvas, the only leather bits of the bag is not the straps, but.......*drumroll*....the BEAR, made of gold leather. Well I don't know about you gurls, but I'd take a leather bag over a detachable leather hanging Bag charm/ornament any day! I'd rather the bear be made of cotton and canvas instead! This satchel is also available in Copper/Bronze and Black. Get this for £155.00 (not worth it for cotton and canvas if you ask me..) from Vivienne Westwood online

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