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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Think this is a Fendi? Guess again!

When I first saw this, I thought it was from the Fendi 'B' Range due to the buckles. However, it isn't! It's actually from Burberry's Main Label, Burberry Prorsum.

Burberry Prorsum Credit Card Case

Interior View

From Burberry's Prorsum is the Credit Card Case. Made of cotton with leather accents and trimmings with a snap-tab closure, it holds 6 credit cards and has two billfold compartments so you can actually use it as a mini wallet too, for your smaller bags. Available in Tan leather trims (shown) or Black leather trims. It's a little plain and the colour's a bit dull for Bagaholic Babe though (Bagaholic Babe loves her brights!), but if you like this, it's available at Neiman Marcus for $280.

Burberry Prorsum Continental Wallet

Also from Burberry's Prorsum Collection, is the Continental Wallet. Made of Check canvas with gold hardware and leather trimmings and accents, it's available in Tan (Shown) or Black leather trims. Much bigger than the Credit Card Case above, but costing just $15 more! If you want, you can buy both to match the other! ;) Available at Neiman Marcus for $295. I'd say this one is more value-for-money due to the size, but if you really need a credit card case, then buy that instead!

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