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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A. Testoni 'Turtle Basket' Bag

A. Testoni 'Turtle Basket' Bag

If you BagAddicts are wondering why I'd chosen to feature this, it's because of it's unusual and unique shape. For those of you who aren't in the know, A. Testoni is an established Italian leather goods brand. The Structured 'Turtle Basket' Bag comes in Hobo shape as well and in other colours like Black, Green, and Orange. Part of A.Testoni's 'Classic' range, like the Chanel 2.55, this bag never goes out of style because they always have it in their store as part of their evergreen collection. And I guess 'Turtle' makes sense because if you take away the dual leather handles and flip it over, it's the same shape as the Turtle's shell! With the structured leather forming a 'frame' of sorts on the outside, the interior is a gusset pouch with topzip closure. Get this unique bag for $1533.95 from Zappos Couture . You can view the 'Turtle' Hobo there too.. But Bagaholic Babe thinks this Basket Bag is much cuter.

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