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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Juicy Couture Luggage Tags and Passport Cover

Explore the world in style with these Juicy Accessories

Juicy Luggage tag and Passport Cover in Hot Pink

Juicy Luggage tag and Passport Cover in Haze (Purple)/Pink and Crystal/Green

Choose between super pink nylon with navy rubber lettering (first picture), Haze(purple)/Pink or Crystal/Green (all colours shown above). This Juicy Couture Travel Accessories Set includes one passport cover and one luggage tag. The Passport cover reads "First Class Juicy" and "Love G&P Design", while the luggage tag that comes with a buckled strap reads "Premier Juicy Class". Packaged in Juicy Couture's signature Pink Gift Box. Get this for $65 via Neiman Marcus

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