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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Valentino Noeud d'Amore Clutch

In these last few weeks since the new year, we've been rather pleased with our findings and today is no different.

Valentino Noeud d'Amore Clutch

Included in our ever increasing list of arm candies is the new Valentino Noeud d'Amore Clutch - a pretty in pink bow clutch that also doubles as a shoulder bag.

This Italian-made accessory comes with goldtone hardware and opens with a zip at the top. Although really pretty, sometimes I do wonder.. how am I going to find my stuff in one of those?

Like what you see?

The Valentino Noeud d'Amore Clutch also comes in red and black satin and is available at Neiman Marcus for $1,095.00

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