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Saturday, December 13, 2008

New Prada Spring/Summer Collection In Stores Now!

Dear BagAddicts, feast your eyes as we unleash Prada's new Spring/Summer Collection, and yes, select models are available in Malaysia too!

Bring on the bling, cos' that's what The new Spring/Summer 2009 collection from Prada is all about! Be it shoppers, clutches, shoulder bags, or totes, in nylon, gaberdine, or exotic-printed leather, the new S/S collection has all its bags symmetrically covered in plastic jewels. If you need something to glam up your end-of-year parties, then selections from this collection should do the trick.









The Verdict: Followers of our blog would already know by now that Prada is one of Bagaholic Babe's favourite brands. Bagaholic Babe is sitting on the fence with this collection. Let's start with what Bagaholic Babe dislikes about the collection. Firstly, I'm not really a fan of huge gem embellishments on my stuff, be they clothing, shoes or bags. Although there may be some exceptions, this collection doesn't really have me raving. Secondly, the oversized gem detailing on bags has been done before --> if you remember, Marc Jacobs did oversized gem encrusted bags about 2 years or so ago for his runway collection. If you can't remember this, then the ad campaigns featuring Dakota Fanning, should remind you of this.

Now, on with what I Like about this collection. I love the wristlet and the tote in fuschia! So girly, so me. =)

Please note that not the entire collection is featured here. For more shapes and designs, hop on over to your nearest Prada boutique to check it out. Gem embellished Wallets are also available in stores.

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