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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The New Gucci Cruise Collection - Out Now!

Great news, guys! Gucci is out again with their new cruise collection and you can start placing your orders now via Bergdorf Goodman. But hold your horses. First, I suggest taking a look at the collection first. Don't get too excited. You just might find nothing that you fancy there. Scroll down and you'll see why..

Gucci Tribeca Shoulder Bag Medium $1,395.00

Looks familiar? Well, you must've seen it during our Fashion Week posts not too long ago. A vintage single strap Tribeca shoulder bag in Cartiglio cuir leather with heart tattoo print and Gucci crest detail (also in the shape of a heart). Well, what can I say? So not me!

Gucci Irina Shoulder Bag Large $2,450.00

The new Irina in white calf leather and gold tone hardware together with bead details on the strap, front flap closure and heart detail right on the front.

Gucci Babouska Hobo Medium $1,595.00

And the Babouska Hobo is back! And in a new color too - light sand leather. Interesting? Dull more like it!

Gucci Jockey Hobo Medium $2,295.00

Eww.. a light sand python with sand leather trim, brasstone hardware and horsebit detail.

Gucci Voyager Hobo Medium $1,450.00

Ahhhhhh! Finally, something that's... pleasant! Lol. And in white leather too - with light gold hardware. But I'd say there's too little gold hardware. This isn't the best white leather and gold hardware combo I've seen but I guess if you're a real Gucci supporter and you wanna select something that's wearable, well, I guess this'll have to do!

Gucci Joy Tote Medium $695.00

Beige/ebony GG plus with heart tattoo print with light goldtone hardware and D ring detail. Somehow, I just don't favor the tattoo print.

Gucci D Gold Tote Large $2,395.00

Horrid, horrid mint python push lock closure tote with Gucci script logo.

Gucci Pelham Tote Medium $1,495.00

Another failure with the Pelham light blue ash leather. Bad color, bad design. Need I say more?

Gucci Hysteria Clutch $1,250.00

Ouch! I've always liked the tortoise shell, on sunglasses, hair accessories and lots more but on bags? Hmmm.. I'd have to think about that! Not to mention, it's patent. And with a metal Gucci crest on it? Oh no! It's soooo wrong!

See what I mean? I'm a true blue Gucci fan, yet, I can tell you very honestly, I'm devastated by what I see this time round. Boo!

For those of you who'd like to see what else Gucci has to offer in their new Cruise Collection before deciding whether you like the collection or not, you can view them here and feel free to leave us a comment below

1 Fetishes Unleashed!:

Bagaholic Babe said...

Hello my dear.

On the contrary, even though I'm not a Gucci fan, I actually quite like the mint python hobo!

The white leather is a little to blah for me, so boring and not exactly innovative, I've seen it before everywhere!

As for the tattoo, 'nuff said. Somehow it makes the bags look so dated and very erm, country and western esp with the tassle.