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Friday, October 3, 2008

Bottega Veneta S/S '09

Out are the times where people make purchases for seasonal items. Instead, the majority of them seek classic/evergreen items they can collect and wear over the years. And thanks to high fashion and luxurious labels, you'll never have to throw out your newly purchased bag because the zipper's out of order - although you've only really made use of it for 3 months!

This coming Spring, you're looking at luxury in muted browns. Bottega Veneta, well known for its woven bags, shocks us again this season with an extensive range of bags, purses and clutches in caramel right through to dark saffron, copper and chestnut. Check them out below..

An AMAZING collection, wouldn't you agree? Lots of hardwork and dedication was required to bring about such a fine collection - even right down to the intricate details. Fabric treatments and handcrafted leathers were not overlooked as it was necessary to give you all the vibrant summery, earth tones you have today in this collection.

I personally recommend the half woven, half tarnished copper shopper hobo as well as the shopper as they're hot from the oven! I believe they look great with just about anything, they're roomy and not to mention, great arm candy as well! ;)

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