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Monday, August 25, 2008

Splurge of the Week!

One of my favorites from the Christian Dior label, the Samouri Shopper is our pick of the week for a splurge!

Dior Samouri Shopper

A pretty in pink (well, to be exact, the color is fushcia) shopper, the Samouri has a very Asian feel to it. The woven leather reminds of the weaving we see a lot in Malaysian handicraft but of course, this is weaving at its best and the top handles come with tortoise shell rings and serpents too. Am definitely loving the tortoise shell rings but am not too sure about the serpents. Also included is a Louis XVI picture frame tag with the Dior logo.

The Dior Samouri Shopper is priced at $4,275.00 and any $350 regular handbag purchase is entitled to a FREE* set of 12 designer-illustrated notecards.

*Terms and conditions apply

All the above is available via Neiman Marcus

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