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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rafe Black Patent 'Lucy'

It's always a pleasure to introduce a new item in the market. Bagaholic Babe and I get extremely excited especially when there's an unusual find. If you've been following our posts, we're very much into gold hardware. So far, I can safely say most of the items look really good with gold hardware and this includes the one below..

Rafe New York Black Leopard Patent 'Lucy' Shoulder Bag

Unlike the usual solid colored leather bag with goldtone hardware, today's is pretty different. Simply because today's goldtone hardware is the accompanying a cool, wild leopard printed patent leather shoulder bag. And to top it off, the bag comes with chain link straps!

But of course, there's one problem to it.. the chain link straps might hurt your shoulders! Ouch! Not such a good idea, is it? Anyway, you'd be glad to know, if you wanted to own the item, it's on a 48% discount of only $188.99 via bluefly

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