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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Jewels Are A Girl's Best Friend!

Another great find! Only.. this time it's from Michael Kors.

By now, I'm sure you bagaholics must be wondering where are the jewels.. especially when this is a blog site for bag lovers.

Spot the jewels below..

MICHAEL Michael Kors Large Malibu East/West Tote

But on a bag, of course! Pretty, isn't it? A clear vinyl with metallic grained leather trim, this tote comes with fine topstitching, flat metallic leather handles and oversized jewels decorating the leather bands on the front and back.

You must be thinking.. but it's transparent! I don't wanna show what I carry with me wherever I go? I'd like to keep my life private, thank you very much! I do understand your reservations if you have thoughts such as these but well, look at it this way, this is a bag you can play around with. I'm sure a Pucci pouch would look great in it! You can have lots of different colored pouches. That way, you not only keep your things organised, but they look great in the tote too!

With the sales tags up everywhere, I'm quite sure you're expecting a bargain with this one too. And you're right! It can now be yours for only $139 via eLuxury

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