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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bamford Gloucester Bag

With the incoming season, you will find many places are already putting up their 'End of Season Sale' sign. If you've been saving up for it, well, this is it!

There'll be many bargains up - for the next few posts at least - to give you our best picks for this season's bargain.

Today, we've a piece from Bamford. It's really quite simple. Nothing flashy, nothing spectacular. If you look closely, you'll find.. it looks quite like the Birkin. Anyway, back to the simplicity of the bag and why I chose this as today's recommendation.

Bamford Gloucester Bag [Bone]

A bone(white) tote with topstitching, this top handled tote caught my eye because the color is sharp and the tie detail at the front is extremely sweet. But of course, many of you will think.. but the white might turn yellowish in time to come or.. it is difficult to maintain because it gets stained easily. Whatever the reason, I wanna tell you.. there is an alternative. The Bamford Gloucester Bag is also available in black. Take a look..

Bamford Gloucester Bag [Black]

Good news, babes! Neiman Marcus is now taking an extra 1/3 off the sale price of this already reduced item! This means that the Bamford Gloucester Bag which was originally priced at $1,695.00 was brought down to a sale price of $1,271.00. And they're further reducing the price by giving an extra 1/3 off the sale price. Gosh.. that's what a bargain is really all about, isn't it?

FYI, there are other items on an extra 1/3 off the sale price! Make sure you go take a look! Click here to get there now..

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