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Saturday, July 5, 2008

The New Gucci Babouska Bag

Introducing the new Gucci Babouska line - inspired by the Russian Babooshka doll (also known as the stacking doll) or in this instance, more precisely, the Dedoushka doll - a male stacking doll with moustache. If you already know what I'm talking about, you'll see the similarity in the tassels that appear on each and every bag. Doesn't it look like moustache to you? What about the studs? Don't they resemble the Dedouska doll?

This post features three designs from the Babouska line. All three have the signature heart-shaped Gucci crest charms, detachable shoulder straps, snap and push-lock closures and inside zip and cell phone pockets on it except for the style of each one - which is unique to itself.

First up..

Gucci Large Babouska Hobo $2,495.00

A soft leather style accented with matching suede trim, fringe detail and stud accents, antique brass hardware and a single top strap..


Gucci Large Babouska Hobo $2,295.00

A hobo in the same style but this time, with the ever-so-famous GG print fabric that comes accented with leather trimming and a suede fringe. You'll also find stud details, brass hardware and like the one before, a single top strap.

Last but not least..

Gucci Medium Babouska Heart Bag $2,495.00

A medium sized Babouska bag in the shape of a heart! Comes with fringe and stud accents, antique brass hardware and double handles..

Am really liking the large Hobo with the signature GG print. Absolutely love the tassels. Love the GG print as well. And most importantly, the black tassels goes really well with the color and print of the bag and you'll never miss a moustache on THAT one!

Check these out and the rest of the Babouska line via Saks Fifth Avenue or visit Gucci today..

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