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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fendi Pastel Ombre Doctor B Bag

Here's the latest from Fendi, the Doctor B Bag...

Fendi Pastel Ombre Doctor B Bag

The latest addition to the house of Fendi, the Doctor B Bag is available in 2 styles, the shoulder bag (shown above), or a larger one with shorter handles. The bag's distinctive feature is the brass B buckle, and is available in a variety of colours - either solid colours or ombre. Bagaholic Babe loves this particular one in Pastel ombre -- don't you think the shades are so feminine and sweet? Plus, if bags are in ombre, they are usually part of the same shade base, moving from light to dark, but for all ombre versions of the Doctor B bag they come in contrast colours! Reminds me of a candy coloured version of a rainbow. Very tastefully done indeed! BUT although this bag is called the doctor b bag, it doesn't at all remind me of a doctor's bag... except for the very discreet frame top on the bag..I ain't complaining though, definitely much more beautiful than your conventional doctor-styled bag! This is an absolute beauty! Being a total Fendi-holic, it's my favourite Fendi bag to date! Get this for $1,840 (or available in Malaysia for RM5,900) via eLuxury or at your local Fendi store.

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