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Monday, May 12, 2008

Splurge of the Week!

Fendi Fringed Zebra Baguette

This week's splurge is a very unusual zebra printed pony hair with multicolored leather fringe tied to the bag seams throughout. The bag comes with brushed gold metal hardware, 2 detachable multicolor leather shoulder straps (one long, the other shorter)and golden appliques on each side, all items logo-engraved. The baguette opens with a flap at the top and opens up to interior twist-lock closures that allow the buckles to be removed and sumptuous suede lining.

Whenever I look at the baguette, I cannot help but remember the song 'Born to be Wild'. No doubt about it, the prints say it all. Colorful fringes, zebra prints, pony hair.. definitely hard to miss in a crowd.. which I feel is a little too much. The bag contains too many elements together at the same time. It would've been perfect if it was just the zebra printed pony hair alone. What do you think? Hit the comment button below to share with us what your thoughts are on this week's Splurge.

Should you want to know more about the Fendi Fringed Zebra Baguette, visit eLuxury today.

* The Fendi Fringed Zebra Baguette is available for purchase now at $5,420.00

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