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Friday, May 2, 2008

Bargain of the Week!

This week's bargain features the Fendi's bronze croc embossed linen mini 'Chef' baguette.

Fendi bronze croc embossed linen mini 'Chef' baguette

An unusually patterned/colored 'Chef' bag, this mini baguette is simply fabulous for a night out on the town. A bronzed croc embossed laminated linen fabric with nappa trim all the way from Italy, this pretty piece comes with Fendi's signature goldtone logo charm that hangs from the strap of the bag. A flap top with snap magnetic closure is one of the features of the bag for storage convenience.

Definitely something you'd want to have in your closet. The 'Chef' bag is from Fendi's evergreen collection and you'll never go out of style with one of these. Whats more, you're looking at a 20% off discount for a seasonal piece that you'll never see again if you don't get your hands on it.

The Fendi bronze croc embossed linen mini 'Chef' baguette retails at $508.00 and is obtainable at Bluefly

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