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Friday, April 4, 2008

Dior Jazzclub S/S '08

If you haven't visited the Dior flagship stores of late, let me introduce you the new Jazzclub collection from their Spring/Summer collection that's simply to die for.

A collection that ties together with an engraved metal loop and toggle on every handbag, pouch and wallet, the items come in black and white leather and animal prints.

I would personally recommend the zebra print and the white leather handbag with chain straps although I must say, it can be difficult to maintain the white leather. Nonetheless, they're not to be missed together with the other Jazzclub pouches and wallets I've featured below.

Check them out together with the other accessories from their other collections at the Dior official website.

1 Fetishes Unleashed!:

Mickie said...

Why or why do you show me these things?

I have always teased my friends from the suburbs who carry white purses because it's rare to see any city girl with one but man, these are great.