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Friday, March 14, 2008

Fendi F/W '08

Fendi never fails to WoW its audiences at every opportunity they get. With their expertise, great craftsmanship and longstanding in the fashion industry, they've gained recognition through their wonderful designs combined with only the finest materials - making them one of today's most wanted brands in the world.

If you've seen last year's Fall/Winter Fendi and are expecting to see more turkeys killed to put the show together, well, you'll be surprised. Because this is exactly what you'll not be seeing this time round. But there are no promises that there aren't hint of last year's leftover in the show. Take a look!

Shoulder bags will very much be in trend in the coming season. If you'd rather tote it around, easy! Just detach the long strap and you're ready to go. This particular design comes in winter colors i.e. blue and black. An item more for the older generation, I'd say. They'll be able to pull it off.

For the young adults, I strongly recommend the two items below. They're slim, stylish and fun. The first is more ethnic and casual while the second one classy and oh so furry. But it's definitely high maintenance since it's white. Gotta watch out for the stains.

Last but not least, there are the clutches. There's detailing on these pieces. Some pieces being wood and the rest, I'm not too sure what they are. Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, there's still a hint of what's left from the turkey from last year's Fall/Winter collection but much more toned down compared to last year's.

If you'd like to read the review from or find out more about the upcoming collection, click here

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