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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Christian Dior F/W '08

Introducing the new Christian Dior Fall/Winter collection..

This coming season, we go back in time to the 60's when beehive hairdos were popular and skinny jeans were introduced. recognised the collection as the "Kennedy-era America" collection - one that's 'amped up with bright color[s] [and] lashings of paillette embroidery. Also noticeable are geometric prints from the mid-century. Take a look at it for yourself..

Overall, I'd say this collection is made up of solid colors. John Galliano has played around with materials and created a collection of bag that mostly uses metal handles (which can be quite heavy to carry around) with very simple designs. Not forgetting the signature D that appears in all the bags - customising one part of it to match the color of the bag itself. Thumbs up for their Fall/Winter collection!

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