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Friday, January 4, 2008

Striking Kate Spade Satchel

Inspite of Kate Spade being on the lower end designer brands, Bagaholic Babe has always liked a few of her designs. What caught my eye when I first laid eyes upon this Kate Spade bag, albeit through the computer screen, was its fabulous colour... a very unusual shade of midnight blue, sorta like the Prada Tessuto Gauffre blue (Spring/Summer 2007 Collection)...except this nylon Kate Spade bag is more eye-catching due to the glossy patent leather trims and accents on the bag. This bag also comes in White but this blue is definitely more unusual and striking, plus it looks great with jeans! ;) Get this 'Pop Clinton St - Stevie' Satchel by Kate Spade for just $325 via Nordstrom . Definitely a great steal I'd say!

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